Mission, Vision, Goal

Our Mission, Vision and Goal

To be an intersection where love of the arts encounters the depths of faith.

To be a place in which faith may be expressed through a variety of artistic mediums and by which people may be engaged and draw closer to God.

To create and sustain an environment that fosters and celebrates artistic expression as integral to the spiritual life of our faith community and the community at large.

To encourage and support amateur and professional artists alike,  and to seek out and offer encounters with the variety of artistic expressions by both internal and external artists.

To offer concert and other arts programming by local and national artists, including orchestras,  college choirs, special ensembles, soloists (vocal and instrumental), organ recitals, art exhibits, dramatic presentations and more.

To be a nexus of educational opportunities to the church and surrounding community through classes and workshops in music, visual arts, drama, liturgical dance, and more for all ages.

To foster an environment where all hands, all voices, all ages may flourish.

To be a place where the mind is challenged, the heart uplifted, the spirit engaged and the soul nourished.

That the Festival of Faith and the Arts is for the Mind, The Spirit, The Heart and the Soul.