Music @ Bethany

Excellence in music has always been a tradition at Bethany Lutheran Church. Our music is designed to enrich the worship experience and the lives of those who give and receive the gift of music. Our directors and musicians share a talent and energy that have forged a high quality music program.

New members are always welcome!

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The Bethany Schantz Organ

Bethany’s organ was custom designed and built by the Schantz Organ Company, Orville, Ohio. All pipes were hand crafted specifically for this organ from a variety of materials, including: zinc, poplar, copper, and alloys of tin and lead. The organ uses electro-pneumatic pitman windchests with  3.5 wind pressure throughout. There are 8 ranks of pipes controlled by a moveable three-manual drawknob console which includes a four level memory solid0state combination action. The installation was completed by Schantz in May 1987.

The organ was installed in an essentially freestanding manner on a large shelf in one corner of the sanctuary. Swell choir and Pedal divisions are screened with a façade composed of basses from the Pedal 16’ Principal and Great 16’ Violone and 8’ Principal, with the balance of the Great exposed in two sections forward of the façade. This placement, together with excellent acoustics, allows the organ to the fill the room effortlessly. The broad scales of the Great principal chorus in particular contribute to the overall warmth of the instrument, which, while being capable of rather dramatic impact, is never harsh or strident.