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The Front Range Chamber Musicians (FRCM) is an informal group of experienced, non-professional musicians who meet with old and new friends to share the joy of playing chamber music in a friendly setting.  Nearly all members play string instruments – violins, violas, and cellos – and we have one regular pianist and an occasional clarinetist.  The group, now meeting at Bethany Lutheran Church, gathers four times a year on Saturday afternoons.


Over a hundred names are on our mailing list, although not all are active.  A coordinator sends email notices to members announcing the date of the next “play-in” and asking players to register.  A play-in consists of three sessions, 1:00-2:15, 2:30-3:45, and 4:00-5:00 (with short refreshment breaks).  The coordinator organizes registered players into appropriate ensembles (string trios, quartets,  quintets, etc.) for each of the three sessions, trying to match musicians of comparable ability but also trying to mix up the musicians so they will play with different players in the three sessions. The first violinist chooses the music for that group from our extensive music library.  There is no advance practice and the musicians sightread the music.


The organization charges no dues, but there is a fee (currently $15) for participation at a play-in,  to cover the cost of church rental.

We welcome new members!  In addition to making friends with others who are passionate about playing chamber music, members also have the opportunity to check out music from our free lending library.

The contact person is Sara Winter Nye, 303-388-1002,